Agreement Of Authors For Publication

By forwarding your article to one of our publications for publication, you promise that the article is your original work, that it has not been published before and that it is not currently being reviewed by another publication. They also promise that, in good conscience, the article does not contain anything that violates defamatory, illegal or copyright or other human rights. If the article contains material that is the copyright of another person, you promise to have obtained full permission from the copyright holder to use the material and that the material contained in the text is clearly identified and recognized. The author is aware that the publisher may grant the same rights to Journal. In addition, the author grants both Journal and Publisher the right to enter into agreements with third parties that grant these third-party companies one or all of the rights granted by the Publisher author. The above rights may include the rights necessary to index and consolidate the bid. For the purposes of this policy, competing interests are defined as financial and non-financial interests that may be considered to be infringing or undermining the objectivity, integrity and value of a publication by potentially influencing the authors` assessments and actions with respect to the objective presentation, analysis and interpretation of the data. Recordings must be made freely available to readers from the date of publication and made available to editorial staff and referees when the manuscript is presented. We recommend adding the following revised version of the manuscript to the publication: Publication License To publish your article, we need your consent. Please take a moment to read the terms of this license. We are aware that some authors may be bound by confidentiality agreements. In such cases, the editorial team will continue to investigate and may, at its sole discretion, ask the authors to state in the online version instead of the distrusted disclosure: “The authors declare that they are bound by confidentiality agreements that prevent them from disclosing their financial interests in this book.” Details on sharing certain materials, data and methods can be found in the following sections.

The preferred option to release large datasets is through public repositories. Some of these repositories offer authors the opportunity to confidentially host the data associated with a manuscript and to give anonymous access to arbitrators before publication. These repositories coordinate the public publication of the data on the date of publication of the collection. This option should be used where possible, but it is the authors` responsibility to contact the repository to ensure that publication is immediate on the date of publication. All support records that are not publicly filed must be provided in the form of additional information files, which are freely available on after publication. In cases where it is technically impossible to make these files available to the journal, authors must make the data available to editorial board members and arbitrators during the submission, directly on request to each reader on the date and after the publication date, with the authors providing a URL or other unique identifier in the manuscript.