Company Share Sale Agreement

[•] citizen of Barcelona, at a reduced price by law, married, resident in [•] passport [•] (seller); [•], a limited liability company founded in accordance with the laws of Catalonia and whose registered office is established in [•], tax identification number [•] (the guarantor); [•] a limited liability company established under Chinese law and having its registered office under tax identification number [•] [•] (the buyer); Regardless of the expected completion date, the agreement normally specifies when completion will take place and what the parties should do once completed. The agreement should describe in detail how the seller is to act after the sale. An important provision is, for example, a trade restriction clause. This prevents the seller from being involved in a competing activity for an agreed period of time. It also gives room to the new buyer to develop what he has bought. More complex transactions occur when the sale took place after closing: after the filing date, the buyer`s name is included in the register of company members (if the buyer is not already a member of the company). The companies thus waive all rights of pre-emption and any other right of pre-emption imposed on them in respect of the sale of the shares referred to in clause 1.1 in order to allow their acquisition by [*] after closing. When establishing a share purchase agreement, it is important to provide details about the shares to be sold, for example. B the nature of the actions. Common, Preferred, Voting, and Non-Voting are terms that can be used to describe actions. The structure of a company`s shares is often found in the company`s articles of association. .