General Terms Agreement Lifetime Fitness

▪ If your membership is a 12-month contract, it cannot be terminated for the first 12 months of the affiliation agreement, regardless of the extent of a member`s use of the Club, unless it is provided for by the move, the member`s disability or the payment of the cancellation fee. ▪ If your affiliation does not have a contract, you must notify your termination 30 days in advance. If a tally is made within 30 days, you will be responsible for the fee. For example, if you terminate on the 15th of the month, because a count is made on the 1st of the following month, within 30 days, you are responsible for paying the fees on the 1st ▪ MEMBER RELOCATION – The directive provides for the termination of the 12-month contract if the member moves to a permanent residence more than 25 miles from the LifeTime Health and Fitness Centre. All dues and fees owed to the club must be up to date before the cancellation can be made.▪ MEMBER DISABILITY – The directive provides for the termination of the 12-month affiliation contract if a member is to die or is appointed by a doctor. ▪ CANCELLATION FEE – A cancellation fee is levied if a 12-month affiliation contract is not executed. Don`t spend your whole life canceling your gym membership. Leave CancelWizard with help. Life Time Fitness is a national fitness chain with more than 100 sites in 22 states. Each gym offers fitness, sports, family and resort activities, so it`s a fun and desirable place to train for all ages. Since Life Time does not use a long-term membership agreement, you may, for some reason, terminate your membership on prior written notification.

It should be noted that your membership agreement has the terms you accept, and cannot be replaced by our suggestions, use your best judgment! ▪ eye protection is mandatory for all members who have short racquetball.▪ NOT black tagging shoes.▪ Ask for help to move the court walls. ▪ on Racquetball Courts.▪ No aggressive behaviour or horse play is allowed on the basketball court or racquetball courts.