Master Lease Agreement Cellnex

Under this option, Cellnex only purchases the rights to the income from the rental or rental agreement with the mobile operator in return for a one-time lump sum payment to the local landowner. TowerXchange: Cellnex has again used your Master Service Agreement (MSA) as opposed to a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) – how does this approach help your MNO colleagues avoid ifrs 16 rental fees? And are the longevity and termination/extension terms of MSAs significantly different from MLAs? Last week, Cellnex announced that it had agreed to acquire 100% of Swiss Towers AG and its 2,339 towers and roofs from Sunrise, the #2 MNO in Switzerland, for €430 million. At the end of the transaction, Cellnex`s portfolio will exceed 23,000 sites, making the company the tenth largest Towerco in the world after the site count. TowerXchange spoke to Alex Mestre, CCO of Cellnex, to learn more. A tower or feedlot rental premium is a one-time lump sum payment offered to a local property owner or SME in exchange for the right to receive the rent or rent directly from the mobile operator in the future. The mobile operator then makes an annual leasing or rental payment to the local owner for the right to locate and operate its devices from this site. The local owner of the land can only sell the rights to the rental or lease agreement of the mobile operator to Cellnex and retain ownership of the land under the tower or mast. Cellnex will check the lease or lease with you and assess the potential risks and benefits in the contract. Over the past twenty-five years, Irish mobile network operators have contacted individuals or SMEs located at strategic locations to enter into lease or lease agreements allowing them to install telecommunications equipment on their land. If you have a lease or lease regarding communication equipment in your country, please contact us now and we can give you a few options. This is offered for a one-time lump sum payment.

After acceptance of the offer, Cellnex will complete a brief due diligence process and ensure that the legal documents are executed. In addition, the dynamism of the market, fuelled, as in many other European countries, by significant growth in mobile traffic, is a trigger and a positive incentive for any telecommunications infrastructure operator. .