Security Pledge Agreement Sample

(b) authorization to file funding returns; ratification. This Grantor authorizes the officer to submit all funding and other documents and, if he wishes, notify the officer and take any other action that may be requested from time to time by the officer to maintain an advanced first security interest and, if necessary, the control of the security held by such a grantor. Any financing statement filed by the agent may be filed in a UCC jurisdiction in any reporting entity and may (i) indicate these grantors` security (1) as all grantoroder assets or words having a similar effect, that a particular asset contained in the guarantees falls within the scope of Article 9 of the UCC or such jurisdiction , or (2) by another description that is appropriately similar to the description in this security agreement and (ii) contain all other information necessary to accept a statement or change of funds in Article 9, Part 5 of the UCC, including (A) whether that grantor is an organization, the type of organization and an organization identification number issued to that grantoror , and (B) in the event of a declaration of funding that is filed in the form of an installation declaration or, a sufficient description of the property on which the guarantee relates. This Grantor also undertakes to make immediately available to the agent, upon request, the information described in the sentence above. 8.15. Full agreement. This security agreement represents the entire agreement and agreement between Grantor and the agent with respect to guarantees and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the Grantors and the agent with respect to guarantees. (h) compliance with the conditions. This Grantor fulfills and fulfills all essential obligations with respect to its security and all the agreements in which it is involved or bound with respect to those guarantees. (b) any change in the time, manner or place of payment, or any other duration of the guaranteed commitments, or any other modification or other waiver of a derogation from the credit agreement, another loan document or other agreement or instrument that regulates or decreases guaranteed commitments; (a) any disability or performance of the credit agreement, other loan document or other contract or instrument governing or proving guaranteed commitments; 4.13. Collateral Access Agreements.

This Grantor makes reasonable economic efforts to obtain a collateral access agreement whereby the lessor of any lease, lender of property or leaseee or beneficiary must grant access to a warehouse, transformer or converter or any other place where collateral worth more than $100,000 is stored or located. , contain a waiver or subordination of any links or claims that the lessor, mortgage, lessor, lessor or beneficiary can claim against the security on this site, and is, moreover, reasonably satisfactory in terms of form and content for the agent.