Settlement Agreement Lawyer Glasgow

While most comparison agreements regulate the termination of a worker`s employment, they do not have to: they can be used to resolve the worker`s possible employment rights, even if the employment relationship must be pursued. It is important that a transaction agreement is an agreement between two parties: the employer and the employee (or others). It cannot be signed by groups of individuals. A transaction agreement contains various conditions, including those relating to notice and monetary conditions, such as leave allowance and unpaid wages or bonuses. It is strongly advised to have your transaction terms checked by specialist lawyers to ensure that you or your business will not be put at risk under any circumstances. If you have made an offer as part of a transaction agreement and wish to negotiate better terms than those proposed, we can conduct these negotiations on your behalf. We advise employees in their transaction contract and whether they get a fair deal in exchange for exiting the employment relationship. A transaction contract often terminates the employer-employee relationship and prevents you from suing your employer in an employment tribunal. Since its use has legal consequences, it is important that it be a valid document, duly reviewed and signed by all parties. Before a transaction agreement is recognized as legally binding, the worker must have received independent legal advice at the principal of the agreement.

Any legal advice should also come from a law firm that has professional liability insurance. Before you agree to negotiate a transaction agreement, talk to Jones Whyte`s dedicated lawyers. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best deal for you. Our Glasgow lawyers approach sensitive employment issues with pragmatism and have extensive experience, not only in transaction agreements, but also in labour law. We advise you in making decisions when establishing a transaction contract and will guide you through the process. Your lawyer will ensure that your contract does not have excessive conditions and that you will receive advice tailored to your specific needs. For more information, contact our Glasgow settlement lawyers today on While transaction agreements are extremely useful, there are, as noted above, a considerable number of questions and reflections that could arise from their use. Given that it is not in the interest of any of the parties to have an erroneous agreement, it is therefore incredibly important to obtain specialized advice. Jones Whyte`s lawyers will tell you not only how to build your transaction contract, but also whether you should have one or not. Contact us today and give us a tour of the situation at work, and our lawyers will be able to tell you if your dispute with your employer is not so easy to end and if you have certain rights that you should pursue.