Software Reseller Agreement Template India

(2) The reseller has independently assessed the desired quality of the service and does not rely on a representation, guarantee or declaration agreement other than that of this Agreement (3) The reseller undertakes to regularly review the BNPL website, including the agreements, in order to know the commitment of such PandaTip revisions: In this section of the presentation , it is clear that your company agrees to offer training and support to the distributor`s sales team. In addition, you agree to provide after-sales support for the software. PandaTip: The marketing area of this model allows the distributor to carry out advertisements and other marketing activities at its own expense to promote your software for revenue production purposes. This software distribution contract begins on [Agreement.CreatedDate] and continues for a period of 12 months, unless the contracting parties cancel further cancellations. (2) BNPL has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without notice. (9) This agreement may be executed in the opposite way. PandaTip: Once the model has been adapted to your terms and conditions, you and the software distributor can sign the final agreement and download a copy for your recordings. Services provided by other service providers: such as SSL certificates, broadcast software, registrations and domain name renewals, Lock site, Google Apps, which are published on the BNPL website. 2. Any notification or other communication that will be e-mailed to the BNPL as part of this agreement is deemed to be properly notified when it is sent to its legal contact mentioned within the customer control body or on the BNPLs website. 6. No authorization, approval or dispensation by a government authority or third party is required in the enforcement, provision and implementation of this agreement or the adoption of other measures under consideration; 1. BNPL suspends access to products and services under this agreement and any extension of the product contract as soon as the reseller has received the termination or is informed of an event that reasonably determines the LSP that would lead to the termination of the contract.

Dedicated server. A server based on your hardware, the software specifications in the data center of your choice only for your account and use. You have exclusive rights to your server`s bandwidth, memory and storage space. (6) The reseller and customers are required to comply with “authorized use guidelines” and “resource use guidelines” under this agreement. If the software cannot be returned to the owner for any reason, it will be destroyed within 10 days of termination. If other parties are admitted as additional negotiators, these parties are bound by the terms of this software distribution agreement. This agreement will not extend beyond the expiry date without the written agreement of both parties. (4) any agreement or other instrument, signed by both parties or by means of laws, laws, laws of thought, regulations or regulations in force, communicated from time to time by the competent authorities, replaces such an agreement or any other such instrument. PandaTip: As a software owner, you are entitled to royalties for the software sold by your distributor.