Agreement Express Inc

Agreement Express is the first customer boarding platform for financial services. The Wealth Agreement Express platform allows asset management companies to provide their clients with an entirely digital workflow for account opening, which is virtually invisible. With compliant advisor landing pages, a catalog of multi-custodian and proprietary forms, eSignature and more, the Accord Express is the first end-to-end boarding solution that delivers exceptional customer experiences while enabling greater operational efficiency in the back office. The platform is the first of its kind to help investment firms collect, use and reuse customer data to enhance and develop comprehensive customer experiences – so financial institutions can offer their customers a world-class digital board and grow their business. For more information on the Express agreement, see On board the new AUM and the faster volume transformation than you ever thought. Agreement Express offers a boarding platform that is perfect and fast and accurate for your operating teams for your customers. April 11, 2019: Agreement Express has published an article on LinkedIn Bottom-line Benefits of the Agreement Express – Pri Partnership. Turn on end-to-end disconnection time at any time, anywhere and on every device.

Congratulations to Peter Fitzpatrick for this great performance. Agreement Express has an ever-increasing range of account types and services offered by some of the best companies, both in payment management and wealth management. Through our network partnerships, including the directors and acquirers you want to work with, your company can add these businesses quickly and easily. We`ve developed our extensive boarding platform to integrate it with investments already made, so you have more tools than you already have. Just keep an eye on customer activity and monitor operational efficiency. Meet increased compliance requirements, eliminate costs and complexity, and increase your back office with automated workflows. Increase revenue, reduce costs and simplify compliance with a single customer boarding platform.