What Is A No Fault Settlement Agreement

If a lawsuit has been filed in your case, Florida law requires the parties to appear for mediation before the trial date to try to resolve the case. Mediation is essentially a comparative conference. All parties involved, their lawyers and insurance psychics are present with the mediator (who is also a lawyer) to discuss the case and attempt to resolve the claim for a fair and reasonable amount before spending a lot of money on expert witnesses, doctor`s investigations and litigation preparation. If you were injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, the offending driver`s insurance company may attempt to negotiate a settlement to pay for your damages. Too often, however, insurance companies try to save money, but don`t offer the full amount of compensation victims are eligible for, meaning you or your lawyer will have to continue to negotiate and make a counter-offer. In cases where the minor child`s claim is settled with more than $15,000, court approval is required. An application for approval of the by-law must be submitted. The petition describes the facts and what caused the minor child`s injuries and the breakdown of the settlement, the lawyer`s fees and expenses, the medical bills to be paid from the settlement and the net recovery of the minor child. The judge may require that the money be deposited in a restricted account, which can only be withdrawn by court order or when the child is 18 years old. Before agreeing on a settlement with the insurance company, it is important to talk to a lawyer about your case. An experienced lawyer can help you determine if a settlement offer provides the compensation you want and help you negotiate another offer if necessary. A settlement agreement involving an illegal death also requires judicial approval and the funds are paid through the deceased`s estate. As a rule, the only recourse against the insurance company is to take legal action without fault.

Without a lawsuit being filed, the company will simply sit on your money, hoping you`ll be frustrated and leave. Our lawyers often see this tactic, especially in cases of unpaid care services, medical bills, loss of payment claims, and home and vehicle modification claims. Our top-notch lawyers are ready and willing to help you get your no-fault insurance benefits paid in full. .