Will There Be An Agreement Today

A second stimulus check would be part of the final 2020 stimulus law. Here`s what we know so far. “I`m not happy with a lot of these numbers,” he said. “But that`s what this world of the U.S. Congress is: you come together, ready to sit down and listen to the other party and compromise if necessary.” “Congress has just pareded a deal,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted Sunday afternoon. “We will adopt another rescue plan as soon as possible. More aid is on the way. “It will take more later, but immediate help is needed now,” she said. “That`s what senators are talking about. We cannot wait. While Democratic and Republican lawmakers have expressed renewed optimism about the possibility of reaching a relief agreement against the coronavirus, the current round of negotiations excludes a second round of stimulus controls for households. Here is the latest news on the negotiations and an overview of whether controls could still be on the table.

“This emergency relief bill is an important first step,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Sunday afternoon. “In 31 days, when Joe Biden enters the White House, more help will be on the way.” The White House has largely abandoned its aggressive incitement campaign since Trump lost the November 3 presidential election. It`s also unclear whether Biden will push Democrats to accept a smaller package, though some of his economic advisers have insisted that a stimulus package must be passed quickly, even if it`s smaller than democrats prefer. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has been working for weeks on a $908 billion package of coronavirus aid, much of which has been agreed. But lawmakers are still negotiating how to work out the two most difficult elements: funding public and local aid, and the kind of legal protection to be provided to businesses, schools and other institutions operating during the pandemic. Lawmakers said they hoped to strike a deal and turn it into legislation in the coming days. Congressional leaders have been involved in the discussions, but could play a bigger role in the coming days. It would provide $300 a week in unemployment benefits for about four months — less than the $600 a week democrats were looking for, while still offering significant relief to tens of millions of unemployed Americans. .