Eib Articles Of Agreement

The EIB plans to sign more than 3.1 billion euros in loan contracts with Greece this year, which have served as a “vehicle” to meet the country`s development goals, according to the Bank. The partnership agreement signed today with the EIB is another positive signal for the use and development of hydrogen technologies in France and Europe. The aim is for the players in our sector to hold all the cards and be helped to implement projects, support new innovations and find industrial solutions to reduce costs and become more competitive in Europe and on the international market. France and the EIB intend to cooperate effectively in this regard,” said Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogene. This agreement is fully in line with the “National Strategy for the Development of Carbon-Free Hydrogen in France” announced on 8 September 2020: it sets the stage for a new era for hydrogen as a future strategic industry in France and the European Union. “This agreement with France Hydrogene marks an important step in the development of hydrogen projects in France. Managing the climate emergency is a major challenge and innovative solutions must be put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle. “Thanks to our expertise as an EU climate bank, we hope that many promoters will receive personalized advice and facilitated financing. France Hydrogene (AFHYPAC), the French Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, and the European Investment Bank (EIB) – the EU`s climate bank – today signed a cooperation agreement to facilitate access to the EIB`s financing solutions and expertise for hydrogen project promoters in France. He concluded: “I also welcome the European Commission`s full support for this agreement. The evolution of the hydrogen market in France is expected to have a positive impact on climate and industrial developments in France and the European Union. If we pool our strengths and capabilities, we will overcome the climate challenge.

This agreement is part of the EIB`s InnovFin advisory programme, which is supported by the European Commission. The resources allocated under this programme should accelerate funding for hydrogen projects through the establishment of personalized advice and support and, at the same time, an in-depth study of funding opportunities. The agreement signed between France Hydrogene and the European Investment Bank (EIB) aims to provide support for advice and support to project promoters in the hydrogen sector. Following the Lisbon European Council on 23-24 March 2000, which called for the creation of a friendly environment for the creation and development of innovative enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the EIB Governing Council reached an agreement in June 2000 on the creation of the EIB Group, composed of the EIB and the EIF , and provides medium- and long-term loans and funds to SMEs. Register your email and we`ll keep you updated on our latest articles, publications, webinars and conferences. Disconnect at all times. The agreement was signed today at a virtual event organised by France Hydrogene and the EIB, during which the Bank`s advisory and financing solutions were presented to the association`s members. Through this agreement, the promoters of this sector will benefit from the technical and financial expertise of the EU Climate Bank, the main international lender in the field of energy transition. The idea of creating a financial structure for European regional development projects was born after the Second World War within the framework of the European Organisation for Economic Cooperation (OEEC).