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4.7/5 on April 4, 2020

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What’s the fuss all about with the SmarketBuy heat press?


If you are looking for a heat press machine for imprinting designs and graphics onto fabrics or vinyls, then it is an investment, so you will want to make sure that you are getting the best product for your money. The right press for you does depend on a few different factors, from types of items that you want to heat, where you will be doing the work from, and the budget that you have. One heat press for consideration is the SmarketBuy Heat Press. Here’s a brief overview of things to consider: 


The SmarketBuy heat press, measuring in at 12″ x 15″, has a heating plate coated in Teflon, which can go a long way to protect the items that you want to heat. The Teflon cover on the press is heat resistant, easy to clean, and can make your printing much more steady. The surface is also non-sticky, so it can prevent burning, which is a great thing for a heat press. The press has a non-slip rubber handle, making it comfortable and simple to use. 


One of the main cons with the SmarketBuy heat press is that the heat can be a little inconsistent, so you need to be patient with it when working through orders of items that need pressing. The press is mid-size, so will only be a negative thing for you if you are looking for something larger, or something even smaller. It will depend on what the use is for the heat press. It could be worth your consideration for a heat press, for a mid-sized machine.


We wanted to keep this review brief as the SmarketBuy press is truly one of the more middle of the road, all-round great presses on the market today.

In fact, it’s the kind of press that you think of when literally thinking of a standard heat press. But, given the fact that they’ve done their homework when it comes to the build quality, pressing temperatures, and the way the user can tweak setting to fit the fabrics or materials being pressed, it’s far more than the standard design would have you believe at first glance.

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