5 Best Parchment Papers for Rosin Pressing

5 Best Parchment Papers for Rosin Pressing
Rosin Press

Rosin Pressing is the method of extracting liquid compounds from a plant or flower through two heated plates compressed against each other and with controlled force.

The result or the ‘rosin’ is a top-quality extract from plants. By this process, the aromatic compound, also known as ‘terpenes,’ is maintained without any damage to its quality. Did you know this aromatic compound is what gives a plant its peculiar smell or scent?

It is why you can easily detect a plant such as orange peels, rose flowers, lavender, or other just by catching a whiff. Most importantly, to derive this aromatic compound, you need a special kind of paper to act as the ‘intermediary’ to collect the substance. This is where parchment paper comes in.

Parchment paper is not your regular kind of paper because it is cellulose-based and treated to make it a non-stick material able to withstand pressure and intense heat up to 450°F.

It is a common element in the baking world and more so in rosin pressing. Parchment paper is often confused with waxed paper, but that should not be so because the difference dwells in their characteristics.

Whereas most parchment paper is silicone-coated to make it lubricious and heat-resistant, the wax paper has paraffin wax (from soybean), which will melt if exposed to heat. In this article, you will discover the best five parchment papers for rosin pressing and, perhaps, may help your decision-making in this regard.


Why use parchment paper when rosin pressing? 

A lot more people prefer to use parchment paper because it is less expensive and easily accessible. It is also the best for pressing rosin, mainly for personal use. It is worth knowing that several extraction businesses worldwide find it as the go-to rosin press paper, compared to PTFE, which is about four times the cost of parchment paper.

Parchment paper is heat-resistant and has pliable functions. They come in varied dimensions and are therefore convenient to use when you know the size you want. It enhances the ability to buy according to your specifications. Instead of buying a large one, you may have to cut it out yourself. If you are concerned about protecting your floors during the rosin extraction process, then a bulk parchment paper roll may be your best option.

As some parchment papers have a silicone coating on the sides, they help reduce or eliminate the chances of terpene wastage during the extraction process. The silicone sides also help reduce the possibility of tears and contribute to maintaining the aroma of the aromatic compound during the rosin press. Due to its non-stick surfaces, they are easy to work with, and you do not have to worry about scraping the extract from its exteriors.

Perhaps, the primary reason you should opt for parchment paper when rosin pressing is because they are lab-tested and FDA approved. Some parchment papers are white-bleached with chemicals such as chlorine, but unbleached ones are brown. It is in your best interest to know that using products with lab certification are relatively safer. 


Do You Need To Buy a Specific Type of Paper For Pressing Rosin?

The answer to this question comes from your personal preference because of the several types of rosin press papers on the market. For example, some people prefer to use PTFE sheets because they are more durable, reusable, robust, and not prone to tear. On the downside, PTFE is more expensive than parchment paper. In some instances, there have been reports of PTFE sheets making rosin collection quite a complicated process.

If your mission is long-term display storage for your rosin, the PTFE may be your best choice because they are more transparent. Over the past few years, people have raised concerns about terpenes in rosin interfering with silicone covering on parchment papers. In other words, the terpenes could act as a solvent on such materials.

When buying such papers, you should consider the level of moisture or humidity in the plant, flower, or cannabis, needed to rosin press. The type of rosin paper you use in this case can influence your yield.

For instance, you may choose PTFE because it is waterproof and will not disproportionately soak up your extract. To determine your plant’s moisture content, you can purchase a $20 digital Caliber hygrometer to conduct a preliminary test before buying your rosin paper. Keep in mind that the raw material you rosin press should have an average moisture content of 55% to 61%. Values above or below this range may pose challenges for you. Right there, you may have solved value for money problems.

To make it easier for you when buying specific papers for pressing rosin, always be on the lookout for dimensions, product warranty, quality, cost, quantity, and FDA certification. You can also learn more about the entire process in our rosin pressing guide


My Favourite Papers for Pressing Rosin


1. The Press Club Premium Parchment

The Press Club Premium Parchment

The Press Club Premium Parchment’s 5″ x 5″ inch size makes it appropriate for small sizeable rosin presses, which may not require much more expansive space. 


The rosin can flow down from a short distance, which helps improve better yield without much wastage. Also, the hundred individual sheets in the pack give the not too regular rosin user enough paper material to work with within a given period.

Its one-side coated silicone surface is ideal for one-off usage. Moreover, because it is FDA approved and 100% food-grade material, you can use it in your kitchen to wrap foods before baking or even for shallow frying specific raw foods. It is convenient to use in private or professional kitchens.

Perhaps, what makes it even more ideal is its double thickness, which reduces the chances of tears during rosin pressing. It is terpene resistant and does not interfere with the silicone coating under maximum heat of 475°F. It would help if you also were happy to know that it has a 365-Day Return Policy. Compared to other regular parchments, this type is extra glossy and with increased non-stick features making it easier to collect rosin.


It is inconvenient for industrial use because of the limited number of sheets (100 sheets only). With its 5 x 5 inch dimensions, it is also not ideal for a rosin press with a more significant or broader surface. Furthermore, because only one side is silicone coated, you cannot turn it over for another rosin pressing round. If exposed to heat above the recommended 475°F value, it will burn and damage the terpene property of the rosin extracted. 

Some users may find it a little too pricey for a 100-sheet pack, which can be used only once and may not provide enough value for money. Finally, without constant monitoring, due to its small and restricted size, it may run over the surface of the sheet and reduce yield for the user or consumer.

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2. The Press Club 6″ x 12″ Parchment Paper

The Press Club 6" x 12" Parchment Paper

The 6″ x 12″ Inch parchment paper is recommended for private use and also for a medium-sized business involved in rosin pressing. It’s much larger in length than the premium parchment type.


This parchment paper  may be ideal for a rosin press with its heat plates designed to fit the specific dimensions. In essence, a user cuts down the chances of wastage.

Furthermore, it can prove its durability and versatility due to its double thickness and 475°F heating maximum. You will like to know that this product is tested in a lab and approved by the FDA. You need not worry about harmful chemical release during the heating process. 

More importantly, because of its effectiveness in easy collecting, you are assured of a hassle-free collection process when done pressing for your rosin. This parchment paper, like its counterpart above, has a 365 – day Return Policy. This means that you can take it back within one year if you are not satisfied with its potency.


Unfortunately, it may not be ideal for a company that requires large volumes of parchment paper for rosin pressing due to its size. Another disadvantage is that only one side is silicone-coated, therefore cutting off any multi-use chances on both sides.

Just like its counterpart, it can burn through if not closely monitored. Depending on your budget, you may find the Press Club 6″ x 12″ inch parchment paper slightly on the high side. It could be a major put off for users looking to spend little on parchment paper.

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3. The Press Club 10″ x 10″ Super Slick

The Press Club 10" x 10" Super Slick

This parchment paper is organic and 100% food grade, making it ideal for kitchens. It also possesses a higher waterproof quality, making it perfect to increase yield. 


Under intense heat and pressure, other parchment papers may bleed through and stain rosin press plates. Its double thickness ensures strength, durability, and an ability to maintain its shape after usage. Furthermore, because it is extra non-stick, it does not attract lint, hair strands, and dust, unlike other paper types.

Its glossy side also ensures easy visibility of rosin without any hindrance. In addition to that, it makes rosin collection easier. Admittedly, some rosin oils are stickier than others, but the super slick pressing parchment paper sees all types of extract without decreasing quality.

The Press Club 10″ x 10″ Super Slick Rosin Pressing Parchment Paper has a one-year warranty and eases the user’s mind regarding returns if the product does not meet the expectation. They are unbleached nor exposed to harmful chemicals, which may render them unsuitable for usage. Therefore, it usually is a preferred choice because it is FDA approved and lab tested.


Its size may only be ideal for commercial kitchens or a private kitchen with increased user demand. Because it does not have silicone coverings on both sides, it dramatically reduces its multi-usage. More so, if sold in a regular store, it may take longer to clear off the shelves. The reason accounting for this is due to limitations in private usage. Again, you will not get these as individual sheets in regular stores.

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4. The Parchment Roll

The Parchment Roll

The parchment roll is a high quality, single-side silicone-coated rosin pressing paper with several uses. It can protect your countertops, floors, windows, or any other surface you intend covering during a rosin press. 


Interestingly, it has other benefits in remodelling and construction purposes. Furthermore, did you know you can use it as an inner lining in your walls? Not only that, even your roof benefits from its dust infiltration properties. It can significantly reduce squeaky floors if correctly used by an expert.

Due to its recycled fibres, you have a quality product that is organic, non-stick, and increases high yield for all users. In case you are not too sure what type of parchment paper dimension to buy, you are at liberty to cut the roll into preferred sizes.

Nothing goes to waste with the parchment roll. Its non-stick properties also make it the most preferred product in rosin collection. Keep in mind; it can withstand every kind of plant or flower extract. Private and commercial kitchens find this type most useful. Most importantly, it is organic and has no additives to enhance its performance. 


The parchment roll may not be ideal for non-regular usage. It may be most useful in a business that requires higher rosin yields, perhaps for commercial purposes. Some users may find it cumbersome to cut the rolls because they do not come in prefabricated single measurements. Others may find it inconvenient to cut to the exact size required for every available usage.

Most importantly, without proper attention to cutting details, the roll may easily be misused, reducing its efficient use.

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5. The Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

The Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

The Pre-Cut Parchment Paper is hot-plate safe and created with organic (natural) materials. What makes this the most preferred choice for many users is its dual-coated silicone surfaces. As both sides of the paper are silicone protected, this effectively enables multiple usage.


This paper is ideal for wax extraction if the user requires a solventless material. It is also suitable for usage because the pack contains pre-cut paper sheets without having to pre-determine sizes yourself. It is also worth noting that the silicone used is eco-friendly, lab-tested, and FDA approved. You will find this particular type in three different sizes to suit your requirements. These parchment papers are created with 100% wood pulp, are compostable and biodegradable.


Some may find it expensive, especially if it is for individual usage. It may not be ideal for specific rosin presses and may cause the extract to run over if not fitted properly. Its glossy surfaces make it easy to slip between heated plates and cause a mess in the working area. 

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It is essential to determine what you need the parchment paper to do before purchasing it. There are several kinds on the market, and it is your responsibility to conduct online research to arrive at the best product which fits into your budget. Hopefully, this article made it easier for you to make an excellent choice in your rosin press mission!