Best Electric Rosin Press Machines

Best Electric Rosin Press Machines
Rosin Press

Looking for an electric rosin press to make extraction even easier?

Frankly, I don’t blame you. Electric rosin press machines offer a modern, fast and ultimately safe way to accurately extract rosin and enable you to return with an increased yield.

When it comes to buying what many consider to be the better rosin presses on the market, you’re going to want to do the research into the more popular models and make an informed decision on the right electric rosin press for you.

Below, I’ve outlined five of the best electric rosin press currently available in 2020. The factors I’ve focused on are:

  • Price
  • Yield
  • Features
  • Safety
  • Usability

Also, keep checking back on this guide as it’s going to be updated periodically with fresh ratings and reviews.


Selection of the 5 Best Electric Rosin Presses

1. MyPress Gen2 – Portable Press

MyPress Solventless 

The solventless Gen2 portable press from industry monoliths MyPress is a fantastic way to kick off this selection of the best electric rosin presses.

It has to be stated that, even though this is an electric rosin press that would not normally require much effort, the MyPress Gen2 really is effortless to use. With this Gen2, everything you do is all in the setup – the press literally does the rest for you.

With the digital display, you can programme the exact temperature required to extract the highest percentage yield possible with the materials you’re using. The fact that the temperature range is so vast also gives you the opportunity to test different heat levels, so you can use a small section of your grow for testing purposes.

Once the initial testing period is out of the way, then you can really start to get to grips with the perfect pressing settings, pre-set on your Gen2 for a high rosin yield each time.


  • The digital interface is fantastic for ensuring that, once you get the right pressing temperature, you can accurately recreate the pressing process every time
  • Small enough to sit in a garage, kitchen or room
  • Easy to clean and incredibly easy to use with minimal manual effort


  • May be a little too expensive for some beginners
  • For anyone looking for a really basic pressing machine, this might be a little too much
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2. 5 Ton Hydraulic Press


The 5 ton press looks like a hefty piece of kit, but once you get to grips with it’s really easy to see why this one of the more sought-after rosin presses on the market.

Straight away, I can’t deny the durability of the press. It looks and feels exactly as you’d expect… utterly compact and tough! And, when pressing at high heats and withstanding multiple uses, this is actually what you want.

The actual pressing motion is incredibly safe via the coated handle, meaning that you’re not actually anywhere near the smouldering hot heat plates once pressing begins. On the digital display you can set your desired temperature, then simply load the cannabis into the press and it’s as simple as that.

With 5 tons of pressure and a part manual pressing process, this is certainly much more efficient than a manual press counterpart. And, if you’re pressing in large quantities, it’s this blend of automation and staggering pressure that you’re going to want to massively to increase your yield.

All in all, this is a fantastic press for people looking to get serious with rosin pressing, and wanting to press in larger quantities than a more casual user.


  • Incredibly sturdy and built to last
  • Staggering amounts of pressure
  • Digital processes make pressing in large batches a breeze


  • Might be a bit too bulky for a beginner who won’t get the most out of larger press
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The RBAYSALE press is a lovely compact press, in a striking cannabis neon green colouring so there’s certainly no mistaking what the press is going to be used for!

At only 6kg, this is a great smaller press that would be perfect for beginners or anyone stuck for space looking to get into rosin pressing as a hobby. As a starter press, it also comes equipped with pressing bags and filters, so again for beginners this is great as you’re not having to scramble around for other materials to actually go ahead with the pressing process.

It’s primed for use with solventless pressing, meaning that you’re guaranteed a high quality yield even as a beginner, and you don’t have to resort to solvent solutions to influence the level of your yield.

As with any good electric press, you get a digital display to ensure that all temperatures and levels of pressure are correct, and optimised for getting the most out of your grow.

It doesn’t provide as much pressure as some of the others in this guide, but then again it’s quite small and still packs a punch with up to 2204 lbs of pressure.

Personally, I love these smaller types of electric presses as they provide beginners a quality alternative to a cheap manual machine, and they also don’t cost a fortune either.


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Perfect for beginners as it comes with all the accessories you need for pressing


  • Doesn’t provide substantial amounts of pressing power, in comparison to some of the larger presses in this guide
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4. PRESSO Personal Press

PRESSO personal press 

I’ll admit, I had to double take at the PRESSO press, as my first thoughts were that it was a fancy minimalist coffee machine! Well, turns out it’s a rosin press for premium personal use, and a brilliant one at that…

As you can see, it’s styled for safety at the forefront. The coated handle and safety shields in front of the presses mean that any risk to the user is drastically minimised.

Coming in a range of colours, PRESSO are clearly trying to appeal to a more upmarket user who want a discreet and stylish rosin press that can seat neatly alongside their kitchen or household electricals.

At 12lbs it is incredibly light, which naturally means that pressing power is sacrificed. However, this is in relation to something like the 5 ton press which is much wider and dense. And, with 1500lbs of pressing power, there’s certainly enough in the PRESSO to get a premium yield from your grow.

With dual heat plates and a large digital display at the top of the press, this really is a premium modern electric rosin press that you’ll struggle to beat with an older, manual press. It’s also my favourite within this review if you couldn’t already tell!


  • Very modern and safe
  • High pressing power to weight ratio
  • Looks at home in any room, so doesn’t need to be shut away in the garage out of sight


  • Not suited for large pressing batches as the power is simply too low. Much more suited for personal use for home rosin press aficionados
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5. Dulytek DHP7

Dulytek DHP7

Dulytek is easily one of my favourite heat press brands, and the DHP7 is one of their more modern offering that really takes their manual ranges to the next level.

A common go-to for beginners, Dultyek presses are often incredibly compact and easy to use, with the DHP7 certainly no different.

With a whopping 7 tons of force, the power to size ratio is off the charts and will provide a yield of the highest quality. Combined with the digital display to ensure that you’re pressing at the correct temperatures, Dulytek have put together the type of press that gets only the best out of your grow.

You can even get the added Driptek mount stand, which holds the press at an angle to ensure the catching and continual flow of concentrate during the pressing process.

As with many of these types of presses, there a large handle to ensure that pressing is a safe activity, and the digital display is super easy to use.

This is the ideal press for people who may currently have a cheaper beginners machine, and are now looking for the next step up.


  • Incredible pressing power
  • Easy to transport
  • Safe and easy for beginners to use


  • May be too much pressing power for a beginner
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Before buying any press, be sure to take a look at the larger rosin press guide and also my advice on rosin press plates so that you know exactly what press or specific temperatures you need to be looking at, based on the quantity of your grow and the quality of yield you’re looking to get out of your pressing activities.

An electric press is perfect for beginners and experts alike, and hopefully these 5 presses can make your life that little bit easier when it comes tom getting the most out of your pressing!