Synpress Artista Transfer Press Review

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4.7/5 on June 28, 2020

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Is the Synpress Artista actually a quality heat press?

The Synpress Artista Transfer Press is ideal for printing your own shirts in your own home. Many people still use a regular iron, which can take a lot of time and doesn’t usually guarantee a smooth application. You can print your own designs using this Synpress Artista Transfer Press faster and with higher-quality. 

The Synpress Artista Transfer Press works with a wide range of transfer mediums. Including sublimation, holographic paper, and vinyl.

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Features of the Synpress Artista Transfer Press

The Synpress Artista Transfer Press has a range of features which make it great for people who want to do small runs of prints or one-offs.


While many traditional heat presses can be quite heavy, and bulky in design, the Synpress Artista Transfer Press is lightweight and weighs only 8lbs. This means it can go anywhere in the home, as well as travel with you. The large size handle makes it easy for applying an evenly distributed pressure.


The Synpress Artista Transfer Press comes with a safety feature. This means the press will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of idle time. This will protect from overheating and or fires. This is especially great for people who are prone to forgetting to turn things off after use. 

Not only that, but it comes with an insulated base, which means you do not need to place the Synpress Artista Transfer Press on any other surface. This will avoid accidental burns.

Easy to Use

This Synpress Artista Transfer Press is incredibly easy to use. You can quickly and easily put your designs onto things like baby clothes, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, and T-shirts. 


The Teflon coated non stick ironing plate, means that it is easy to clean and unlikely that any of your printing materials will get stuck to it. Plus, Teflon coated ironing plates can stand the test of time.

Distribution of Heat

The design of the Synpress Artista Transfer Press means that you are going to get a uniform application of heat across the entire of your material and design. The press is fitted with a solid handle, and for pressing part where you will apply pressure.

The critical feature is the precise control of temperature, with a digital LED display, so you can clearly see both the temperature and the time. It comes with iron mode and mug mode options, so you can print mugs and cups.



The Synpress Artista Transfer Press is incredibly lightweight at only 8lbs, making it an ideal piece of kit if you want to print personalized gifts or printing as a hobby. It easily gets to the 400° temperature that is needed for sublimation and is perfect for small designs.


There will be some trial and error involved in getting a perfect print from the Synpress Artista Transfer Press. And you may have to apply some extra pressure to get the print quality that you are looking for. If you intend to do larger prints, you will have to do this in smaller steps.



This is a brilliant, small heat press that people of any experience levels with heat presses can get behind. It also doesn’t cost the earth, which is a gigantic plus!

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