Vevor Heat Press Review – 12×15 Press

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5/5 on November 25, 2019

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184 reviews


  • Incredibly User Friendly
  • Multiple Elements Make Printing Easy
  • Safe and Easy To Store
  • Very Fair Price


  • Lacks Versatility Compared To More Expensive Models
  • May Not Be Big Enough For Sustained Use


  • An incredible heat press that should be considered by any beginners looking for a safe and easy to use press for either starting a t-shirt business, or branding personal items

Wondering what the Vevor heat press is like? If you’ve searched for heat presses on Amazon then you’ve no doubt seen Vevor in the top-rated section, but we all know what some of those reviews can be like… So here it is, an unbiased, in-depth review for you to make an informed decision on whether the Vevor heat press is right for you.

Vevor 12×15 Heat Press Review

The first thing we look at with any heat press is how user friendly it is, especially for beginners. In fact, beginners make up the majority of our audience and we can completely understand why! It can be incredibly daunting to use your first heat press, and there’s a reason that the Vevor is rated so highly… It’s perfect for beginners.

First things first is the size. The 12×15 build makes the Vevor easily accessible in terms of readiness to use as it isn’t bulky (with no unnecessary parts), and it’s also compact enough to store on a tabletop, and even to travel from location to location with.

Vevor boast the press as a ‘5 in 1’ machine, and here’s why. It comes prepped to print or press on more than just t-shirts. This means that the versatility extends not only to anyone who wants to print a few t-shirt designs or start a t-shirt printing business, but also for people who want to print on the following thanks to the 5 in 1 element additions:

  • Platen Press
  • Cap Press
  • Mug Press
  • Two plate presses

These combined elements and versatility mean that you can print merch on pretty much any of the standard implements for business promotion. Think giveaways, gifts, branded items and much more. Enough about the primary elements and uses, what else do you need to know about the press?

A built-in LCD screen makes timing the downtime of the press incredibly easy, and it even has a temperature control setting to ensure you don’t go overboard with pressing. Again, another great feature that makes this great for beginners.

The swing arm on the press is 360 degree, fully rotational, meaning you can safely lift and swing the press away from you so that no heat is pointing toward the user upon release of applying pressure. Another fantastic consideration for beginners who may not know just how hot these presses can get!

Pressure can also easily be adjusted with a dedicated pressure knob. You’re probably wondering why pressure would need to change on something as simple as a heat press? It’s because of the 5 in 1 elements (that can be easily taken out and slotted in via the bottom plate). You’re going to have different materials with varying degrees of thickness, therefore it’s vital that a pressure adjustment feature exists on a press of this kind.

It’s also tried and tested on multiple fabrics and items with both non colour and colour versions, so again it makes the perfect option of you’re regularly branding items for a business or upcoming events and would like to do it yourself.

In terms of price, we think that for what the Vevor is offering it’s a very fair. Check out the FAQ’s below, and we urge you to get your hands on this press if you’re a beginner looking to invest in a really nifty press that gets the job done across multiple fabrics, and does it easily at that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good press for beginners? 

This is easily one of the best heat presses we’ve seen for beginners.

I’ve never used a heat press before, it is difficult? 

As long as you have basic tools and take the time to read the instruction, this will not be a difficult press for you to get to grips with.

I want to print on something other than a t-shirt, is this possible? 

In a word, yes. The multiple element additions means that you can print on almost anything.



A fantastic heat press with multiple applications, that is very user friendly and doesn’t cost the earth. Perfect!


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