About Us

Our goal

This site was created to be the ultimate rosin and heat press resource for beginners and experienced users alike.

The website features various high-quality products, detailed information, and buying guides so that you will be better informed about the subject and about various rosin and heat presses.

FreeFreeHand.org provides a rosin press model for everyone because our products have been created with each and every specific type of user in mind. We offer various rosin press models starting with simpler home manual rosin presses to automatic and commercial grade equipment.

Why offer FreeFreeHand.org your full attention?

We know that lots of websites offer tons of rosin presses on the market and all of them ask for your attention. So, it’s only fair to wonder why you should target your attention and interest towards us.

Well, for starters, FreeFreeHand.org consists of a team of dedicated people and rosin enthusiasts. We learned that rosin’s revolution would soon impact patients, businesses, and consumers in a really significant way. These days, rosin is no longer confined to the realm of hobbyists’ hair straighteners and repurposed shop presses. Now, with the help of high-quality rosin presses, you will be able to produce high-quality rosin without damaging the essential compounds.

Rosin is the cheapest, safest and easiest way to produce full melt cannabis concentrates.

A high-quality rosin press can produce rosin that contains zero residual solvents. And with the rosin that you obtain using a rosin press, you will be able to make wax, budder, sugar, shatter, and more because rosin will enable you to make your favorite concentrates entirely solvent-free.

FreeFreeHand.org started as a powerful reaction to all the shallow businesses that are manufacturing and selling rosin presses with money being their only concern.

Another essential element that sets FreeFreeHand.org apart from our competitors is the fact that, besides showing you various products, and inviting you to buy them, the website also provides all kinds of technical details and scientific facts with in-depth information just to help you make the best and most informed decision regarding buying the best rosin press for your own needs. Our target is helping you become an informed customer who can figure out what works best for your rosin needs.

Do we recommend any products?

FreeFreeHand.org definitely recommends products just like many other rosin presses website do. What sets the website apart is that here, the products are carefully selected and chosen for recommendations based on the highest-quality technical specifications involved by rosin presses.

Here, you will never find products recommended just for fun, but only the highest-quality rosin presses that can safely produce great rosin.

Do we make money off of the rosin presses that we promote?

Of course, just like everyone else, we do receive commissions when people buy the products presented on this website. But, on the other hand, all the recommendations that you will find here are only based on high-quality products.

All equipment is tested before being promoted and sold, just to make sure that you will receive the best products that are also fully functional and safe for use.

No matter what your skill level and budget are, on FreeFreeHand.org you will find a vast variety of rosin presses that will help you obtain clean, high-quality and potent rosin anytime, anywhere.