FancierStudio Digital Power Heat Press Review

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Is the FancierStudio press one of the most well-rounded heat presses on the market?

If you’re looking for a heat press you might have stumbled across the FancierStudio Digital Power Heat Press. There are a lot of heat presses on the market, some for consumers and others for commercial enterprise.

In the first instance, you need to make a decision around the sizing and construct, then you can look to the individual Heat Press that fits your category.

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Build and Features

The FanicerStudio press comes with a typical heat press build seen across the market. A power box, to which is attached two ceramic plates and a handle for pressing one plate onto the other. The grip is rubber and intended for multiple uses. It runs with a voltage of 110, so make sure your fuses are suitable.

It powers at 1800 watts, typical for the type of machine. The temperature ranges from 0 to 699 degrees fahrenheit. There is a digitised display where a user can enter their specifications for heat and timing.

It comes with a teflon attachment too, certain brands don’t come with this additional meaning a user has to use a covering for each individual garment press. The press can be used for creating tshirts by fan clubs, designers or students. However, it may not stand up to heavy industrial usage and is better suited for individual hobbyist rather than mass production.

There are improvements over the old model too. There’s now a sheet and coating on the plate for added safety and security. The silicon rubber base is now also glued down so that it doesn’t shift when you’re moving it around. It adds to the rigidity of the design and lends user confidence in the product because it’s less likely to slip.

The product opens upwards too, whereas some open downwards or both ways. It measures 15 by 15 inch, so it’s ideal for shirts and other similar garments but not so convenient for bigger processes or items of clothing. The product can apply transfers to shirts, but it can also be used for changing mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges and even ceramic tiles.



  • The product is easy to use and set up. 
  • The digital readout makes it easy to know exactly what time and temperature is being used and makes calibration a sinche.
  • It opens upwards, meaning you save a lot of space and can easily lift the upper lid and press firmly.
  • The grip is comfortable, ideal for prolonged usage.
  • The Teflon sheet makes things a lot easier, especially when transferring to clothing. 
  • Good price considering competition.



  • May require the purchase of extra Teflon sheets.
  • Delicate heat arm press. Can become disjointed if knocked, take care and it should be fine.
  • Can sometimes smell a little funny. 
  • Timer can take some getting used to, make sure you get to grips before using it.
  • No instruction manual. It’s pretty obvious what needs to be done including how someone would operate it. But a manual could be handy and make the setup process a lot easier, especially for someone who hasn’t used a press before.



This is an incredibly well-rounded press that will work both for beginners, and for experienced users looking for a compact press that doesn’t cost the earth. Also ideal for people with limited space as the press is compact and easy to store.

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