MyPress Rosin Press Deluxe Package Review

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4.9/5 on August 9, 2018

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60 reviews


  • Even heat distribution on plates
  • 6 tons of pressure
  • Easy to control temperature
  • Compact enough to store anywhere
  • Maximizes yields
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Can be dangerous if misused, always practice caution while using this press
  • Somewhat expensive but worth the investment


I always thought extracting rosin was a very complicated process better left to the professionals. While it is true that you should know what you're doing before you try to extract rosin it's possible to do at home, so I recommend doing what I did and taking plenty of time before you actually buy anything to do lots of research about how to pick the right machine what features to look for and also learn the actual extraction process. However, if you feel that you are ready to choose a rosin press, I couldn't think of a better one than My Rosin Press. I have used this rosin press several times since first getting it, experimenting with the temperature, which has allowed me to maximize my yield. It's definitely not a traditional education, but I have learned a lot since buying this rosin press, like how the temperature affects the flavor. Creating rosin can be a fun hobby, but if you;re going to do it, you should do it right, which is why I recommend My Rosin Press Machine, it is absolutely perfect for beginners

The MyPress Deluxe Makes Oil Extraction Easy… How Do We Rate It?


If you are an oil enthusiast of any kind, there are few things more rewarding than extracting your own oils. However, to do this you need something to do the actual extracting. Getting a good setup used to cost you a couple thousand dollars, but now, with smaller rosin presses perfect for in-the-house, you can get set up at a much lower price.

Extracting your own oil can be educational and even relaxing, not to mention the sense of pride you get and the sense of security you feel, knowing exactly what is in your oil. Unfortunately, some rosin presses can be straight up nightmares and scare amateurs away from DIY extraction, but My Rosin Machine might just have what it takes to change all that.

Top Features of the MyPress Deluxe 

  • Weight: 12.9 lbs.
  • Plate Material: Stainless Steel
  • Plate Size: 3″ x 3″
  • Frame Material: Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Easy to Use

The simple button layout and digital display make this rosin press very easy to use. All you have to do is set it to the desired temperature, set the timer, and you’re good to go. The timer is easy to read, thanks to the backlit LCD display, and automatically stops when you open the press, too. So you can monitor the process and  stop it whenever you want, you aren’t locked in to what you set your timer to.

  • 6 Tons of Pressure

This rosin press flexes an impressive six tons of pressure, which is way more than you could ever achieve without a press. This maximizes efficiency and helps you get the best yields you can. Lots of other personal resin presses don’t even come close to this press, with most of them only having a couple tons of pressure. Most presses that reach 6 tons of pressure cost considerably more than this one, so the choice isn’t that hard. Of course, anything with that much power should be used with caution, so make sure you read the manual and the safety precautions before you start using this press.

  • Compact

Rosin presses can get pretty heavy, weighing over a hundred pounds, which is just too bulky for the average consumer. Thankfully, My Rosin Press weighs just under 13 pounds and is less than a foot tall when closed. This makes it very easy to move around and find space for, so you aren’t stuck with it in one place forever. I’m always immediately impressed by a sleek, compact design that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

First Impressions

When I first got my extractor I was super excited, since extraction is something I’ve been interested in for several years. I had done tons of research so I’d know exactly how to use it properly, so finally buying one felt great. Right away, I noticed that it was a lot smaller than I initially thought. I was actually happy about this, since it’s a lot easier to store than a big piece of machinery, I was just hoping the smaller size wouldn’t affect its performance. It wasn’t too heavy to carry or anything, but it was pretty dense. It felt very durable, which is an important feature for a rosin press to have.

Final Thoughts

Setting it up was easy, and since it doesn’t need any batteries, all I had to do was plug it in and turn it on. After powering it on, I loved the easy to read LCD display, which made it a breeze to set the correct temperature and timer. I also loved that I was able to hone in on an exact temperature, anywhere between 100 and 250 degrees F. I felt good knowing I could stop it whenever I wanted, and did so a couple times while making my first batch because I was scared I was going to overdo it. But still, I was able to extract some oil, and while you won’t be able to press very large amount with this rosin press, it is great for personal use.

While using this press, I was also impressed by how quiet this press is. It operates almost completely silently and doesn’t cause any kind of disturbance. Everything was great about this rosin press right from the beginning, I knew after using it only once that it was worth every dollar I spent on it. And what really seals the deal for me is how easy it is to store this rosin press. I store mine on the counter right between my coffee maker and blender, and it fits in perfectly and is always accessible


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