RoyalPress 12×15 5-in-1 Heat Press Review

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4.6/5 on February 6, 2020

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If you’re looking for a multi-use heat press that can be comfortably used by beginners and experts alike, then this excellent press from the experts over at RoyalPress could just be what you’re looking for.

Let’s look at exactly who this press is for, why the 5-in-1 feature is an incredible tool to get your usage out of it, and the general uses for this press compared to the more advanced types of presses on the market today.

The multi-use RoyalPress – What’s this heat press all about?

Straight away even from the product images you can see that it’s primed and ready for usage across multiple materials and objects, and not just one specific object like the Transfer Crafts Heat Press which is specific to t-shirts (as are the majority of presses on the market today).

Most notably preferred as a t-shirt press (as are the majority of heat presses that we review), the RoyalPress comes with enough additions and gadgets to print on a whole array of different materials. Let’s take a further look at what you can do with it, and how to get to grips with this multi-use press.

RoyalPress Key Features

As stated above, this is a press with multiple uses that all revolve around heat-pressing designs on to a desired object. Due to the large heating plate, it’s never been easier to press designs on to a whole range of designs and materials.

The primary point here is that the RoyalPress comes with:

  • Multiple pressing implements which vary in sizes based on the material or object of which pressing is required
  • A thickened heating plate for a longer, safer press
  • Individual attachments for pressing on popular items (especially if you’re purchasing this press for business branding). These include:
    • 5 inch plate press
    • 6 inch plate press
    • Platen press (t-shirts) – This is the 12 x 15 press referenced in the name of the product
    • Mug press – 3 to 3.5 inches (or 11 ounces for standard cup reference)
    • Hat press – 6 by 3 inches

It’s clear that the RoyalPress has crafted a 5-in-1 solution for an audience requiring a press that is purely a multi-purpose tool, and something that can also do each type of pressing action correctly.

Let’s now look at the technical spec behind the RoyalPress.


  • 360 degree swing-away heating arm. This makes the press ideal for beginners and occasional users, as safety is clearly paramount
  • Teflon reinforced for added safety
  • LED temperature controls (digital)
  • Adjustable temperature scale
  • 110 volts
  • 0-480f temperature range
  • Overall (packaged) size: 20.5″x 18.5″x 18″
  • 55.9lbs weight


As a premium press with multiple features it actually isn’t very bulky at all, and easy enough to travel with (or at least move home with if you’re purchasing this prior to relocating). The biggest size issues come with the added accessories and attachments, which can take up room unless you store them in the original box that the press arrives in.


  • An incredibly versatile press that is both safe for beginners and has an extremely low learning curve
  • Lightweight enough to transport
  • Built for safety and the first time user in mind
  • The price is low considering the amount of attachments and add-ons that come with the press


  • Does not compare to stand-alone heat presses with specific uses, such as t-shirt specific heat press which has been crafted for the sole purposes of pressing a certain object or material (however that is not who this press is for).
  • The initial setup guides can be a little difficult to understand at first


All in all this is easily one of the best multi-use heat presses on the market today, not just for its ease of use but the relatively low price and safety features, which RoyalPress have clearly taken the time to develop properly.

If you’re still looking for a heat press to suit your specific requirements then be sure to check out our extensive guide to heat presses for beginners.

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