The Press Club 37 Micron Premium Nylon Tea Filter Press Screen Bags Review

Rosin Press

Discover a detailed review of the Press Club 37 Tea Filter Bags Range. Updated in May 2019 too include more product details and answers to common FAQ’s.

The Press Club’s rosin press bags are all made with 100% food-grade, dye-free nylon. Each bag comes with a “Now Blowouts Guarantee”, so you can rest assured that your bags will work or the company will replace them.

Top Features

Pre-Flipped Inside Out

Each bag comes inside out, which is great as it saves a step when pressing. All I have to do is fill the bag, fold it over the edge, and place it into my press; no turning it inside out first needed.

No Blowout Guarantee

The Press Club guarantees their bags will prevent blowouts, due to the patented stitching they use. I like knowing that if a product doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, I can get my money back, so this a great feature for first-time buyers.

Heat Resistant

These bags are heat resistant up to 375° F. I prefer to press at lower temperatures, as the taste is better, but those of you who press at higher temperatures can rest assured that this bag will hold up.

Solvent Resistant

I like to get as much use as I can out of the products I buy, so I prefer to wash and reuse my rosin bags if possible. Luckily, The Press Club’s bags are solvent resistant, so I can clean them with some rubbing alcohol and get them ready for a second (or third) use!

100% Food-Grade, Dye-Free Nylon

Once I’ve pressed rosin, it’s going to end up going into my body, whether I use it for dabbing or end up making liquid to put into my vape pen. I can rest easy knowing nothing from the press bags I’m using is going to contaminate it, since these bags are free of dye and certified food-grade, meaning they won’t leach any harsh dyes or chemicals into my rosin.

First Impressions

At first glance, the bags appear to be well made and of high quality material. They are indeed inside out, as promised, and the seams are free of any fraying. For background, the rosin press I use has a max of 20 tons of pressure and I tend to use lower pressure plates, since I like the flavor of rosin better when I press flower with low temp/high pressure.

The first bag I tried did rip a little, but no blowouts in sight. It held up well under the higher pressure, as did the other bags I tried.

I also tested the bags at higher temperatures, to see if they were actually heat resistant up to 375 F, and that claim appears to be true! Outside of the occasional small rip, these bags lived up to the claims and held together well under high temperatures.


  • The company itself is a huge plus. They are super responsive to questions and comments via email.
  • The bags being inside out already is one of the best features, in my opinion. It might not be the biggest hassle to turn bags inside out myself, but I like saving time and not having to do that extra step really makes a difference for me.
  • I bought the 37 micron bags, but there are a variety of options available between 25 and 220 microns, so there’s something for everyone. There’s also a sample pack if you’re new to pressing and want to try different microns and sizes out.
  • They seem to actually be solvent resistant, as I washed a few of the bags with rubbing alcohol and used them again with no problems. According to The Press Club, you can wash and reuse the bags up to 5 times. I like this since it means I’m spending less money on buying new bags.
  • The stitching doesn’t absorb much liquid, which decreases wasted product.
  • The end result was a clear, consistent rosin, so the filtration of the bags is good.
  • The price is comparable to other bags I’ve bought, so you aren’t really paying much more for the higher quality.


  • It’s nitpicky, but the bags aren’t entirely I did have one blowout but honestly, that could have been user error or overfilling.
  • Though they didn’t blowout, some of the bags did rip a little. They may be just fine, but these rips made me leery of reusing those particular bags.
  • When using the 37 micron bags, expect to have lower yields in exchange for better filtration. I’d like to try the higher micron units to compare the yields.

Final Verdict

These bags really lived up to the hype! Considering the price is comparable to other bags on the market, you really get more bang for your buck with The Press Club bags. My yields were in the area of 40% and the rosin that came out was clear and almost entirely free of any plant-material. No blowouts combined with the fact that you can reuse the bag definitely makes them worth every penny; not only is none of my flower getting wasted, but one bag can do the job of five bags from other companies.

I would recommend these bags to anyone, regardless of skill or preferred pressing method. The fact that these bags can withstand both high temperatures and high heat makes them great for everybody. They are also easy to use and no fuss, so beginners can pick them up and use them just as well as anybody else. Those of you who have been pressing forever will appreciate them as well, as these really are some of the best on the market and they’ll make your lives so much easier knowing you’re using a high quality product.

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