TUFFIOM 8-in-1 Digital Heat Press Machine Review

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4.3/5 on April 4, 2020

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Are 8 features really better than one when it comes to a heat press? We put the TUFFIOM 8-in-1 to the test



The 8-in-1 digital multifunctional heat press machine easily transfers colourful pictures, patterns, and designs onto a wide range of different materials, including t-shirts, hats, mugs, canvas tote bags, mouse pads, and plates. This makes it the perfect heat press machine for all DIY projects and needs, making it convenient for those who have their own business or simply enjoy making personal crafts at home for friends and family.

The main features and diameters include a 12″ x 15″ heating board size with a power of up to 1250W. The temperature ranges from 32 – 480℉ / 0 – 250℃, has a time range of 0-999S and is adjustable in height as of 13 1/2″ – 17″.

Ready to use and easy to operate, this heat press arrives already fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, saving you time. It is also equipped with two more accessories compared to the original 5-in-1 model, with easy-to-switch attachments and is equipped with five elements for broader use.

Attractive in appearance but also smart, the 8-in-1 features a professional 360º swing-away design for extra safety, which allows the heating elements to be moved safely to one side, reducing the chances of accidental contact and harm. You can also set or adjust the control in advance with the digital controller that presets the desired temperature, and the powerful, more extended rubber handle offers the user added precision and control. The machine comes with a safety fuse to avoid any burning or electric leakages and a knob, allowing the adjustment of pressure.

Featuring a non-stick surface, this machine has Teflon-coated platen press plates, which prevents the scorching of transfers. This makes it harmless to cloth and various other materials, guaranteeing desired results and ensuring that your projects come out undamaged. The non-stick surface also makes the machine more convenient to use as it doesn’t require additional separate Teflon or silicone sheets and is easy to clean. 

The TUFFIOM 8-IN-1 Digital Heat Press Machine includes: 

  • 1 Platen Press 
  • 1 Hat / Cap Press 
  • Mug Press x3 
  • Plate Press x 2 


  • Comes assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, allowing you to quickly and efficiently get on with your DIY projects.
  • The 8-in-1 is straightforward to use and may be simply assembled and disassembled for mounting many different accessories and materials.
  • Multifunctional, this heat press comes with extra parts for various functionalities and can be used on nearly any material of your choosing, including t-shirts, hats, cups, and plates.
  • It contains two more accessories compared to the original 5-in-1 model with easy-to-switch attachments, meaning you get more for your money.



  • Notable cons for the Tuffion 8-in-1 digital heat press include a lack of clear and comprehensive instructions or user manual, despite being easy to use. 
  • Unlike other heat presses, the Tuffion 8-in-1 cannot be used as an iron. It isn’t portable and doesn’t have any other additional features.
  • Additional complaints include balance being affected when the top plate swings away.


This is certainly a press for experts, or at least for those who have some pressing experience prior to purchasing. As with any press it can also be used for beginners based on its scalability, however if you’re not actively going to be making use of all the features and settings in the future then you might be better off going for something a bit more basic (and easier to use) like the Cricut EasyPress 2.

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