Mophorn Heat Press Review – 5in1 Press

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4.8/5 on January 14, 2020

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12 reviews


  • High quality & user friendly
  • Excellent price considering the versatility of the press


  • Only recommended for beginners, this is not a press built for specific usage on a certain material or promotional item


  • An incredible heat press suited for beginners in the market for a press at the lower-end of the market

Wondering if it’s true about what the reviews are saying when it comes to the Mophorn 5in1 heat press? Made in multiple sizing and capable of heat pressing onto a variety of materials, it certainly seems like Mophorn have all bases covered with this press.

Let’s take a deeper look into exactly who this press is for, its positives and negatives, and more importantly whether it lives up to testing and recent reviews.

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Mophorn 5 in 1 Heat Press Review

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind why you should choose the Mophorn above other heat presses, and the reasons why it’s suited more for beginners than other types of users.


Straight away you’re struck by the 14 inch vinyl cutter, which allows for versatility of logo or design cutting at various sizes. This also goes along with adjustable pressure from the press, meaning that it is incredibly easy and user-friendly enough to both change the pressure and size of the pressing implement based on the needs of your surface (for instance a branded mug compared to a branded t-shirt).

The blades that come with the press are also a versatile part of the machine, made so with the fact that this machine will no doubt be purchased mostly by beginners, and will be used on a variety of materials and fabrics.

As with the majority of beginners presses (much like the Vevor Heat Press), the pressing element is rotational up to 360 degrees, meaning that it has both ease of storage applications and, more importantly, is incredibly safe as the heated element can be quickly pushed away from the user.

The overall build quality of the press itself is also very well-done, particularly the non-stick element of the press. All in all, this is a fantastic beginners press, priced very well considering the build quality and usage applications!

Benefits and Positives

  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Safe to use for beginners with rotational safety features


  • Not build specifically for certain materials or products, for example this isn’t necessarily a dedicated t-shirt press, rather a cheaper multi-tool for pressing in limited runs


Like many of the low to mid-range multi presses, the Mophorn 5in1 certainly will get the job done when it comes to lower, limited runs and one-off prints.

We recommend this press for people looking to test custom prints across multiple materials, and also beginners who want to try limited t-shirt printing runs but do not want to invest heavily in a dedicated machine.

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