PlanetFlame Heat Press Review – Industrial Quality

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4.8/5 on January 31, 2020

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95 reviews


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy build for sustained usage
  • Multiple pressing options
  • Teflon coating & large pressing surface


  • Digital temperature gauge will take a little getting used to
  • Recommended for users who will be pressing at least a few times a month

Wondering why the PlanetFlame Clamshell Press is such a popular heat press?

I was too, at least until trying it out properly! In the true spirit of this site I’ve put together a comprehensive review and guide to what the PlanetFlame Industrial Quality press has to offer. If you just want a quick run-down, then the next paragraph is for you.

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PlanetFlame have put together was is essentially a smaller industry-standard press, based on its safety features and heating controls. It’s incredibly safe for beginners to use too, with large levers and extended clamp so the users isn’t dangerously close to the press when using. 

It’s best suited for small businesses looking to regularly create their own branded stock, or for small t-shirt printing or startup businesses who want control over printing without going to a larger, more expensive professional. 

Okay, with the summary over, let’s look at exactly what the PlanetFlame press has to offer in terms of heat pressing goodness!


Key Features

As a beginners heat press you’ll find easy to use features, that also extended to experienced users who want a one-stop-shop option to pressing (without the fiddly bits that some of the more advanced presses have). Notable features of the PlanetFlame Industrial Quality heat press include:

  • 1300w / 110 Volt Power
  • Heat Plate (teflon coated) which does not require external cloths or coating, ensuring additional safety
  • Up to 750f pressing temperature, which is also fully adjustable
  • Incredibly easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes fully assembled upon delivery
  • Safety control to ensure temperatures remain at those set by the operator
  • Ability to press multiple fabrics


Technical Specifications

  • Aluminum heat plate with 8 heating tubes
  • Heat-resistant safety mat (up to 500f)
  • Digital display for precise temperature controls
  • Knob to turn for pressure (a very safe addition)
  • Teflon coated handle (easy to grip and operate)


Usage & Recommendations

As stated in the summary, this press is better used for people who are going to be doing more than very limited runs. For example, we’d recommend usage of at least a few times a month to really get your moneys worth.

The large heat pressing plate and sturdy teflon construct means that this press doesn’t also just have to be used for t-shirts, but can also be used on a variety of fabrics and items such as mugs, hats, paper, film and more.

Ultimately, you can buy this as your first heat press, but there are simpler options on the market if you’re just looking to test or try the very occasional, limited run. For this, we’d recommend a press like the Mophorn Heat Press.

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