Super Deal PRO Digital Swing Away Heat Press Review

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What’s so good about the Super Deal PRO Digital Heat Press?

A heat press machine is a must-have for anyone interested in arts and crafts projects. Print your own t-shirts and all kinds of other items easily at home.

Make fun t-shirts as gifts for friends, kit out your friend’s bachelorette party, make shirts to sell or use it to make client t-shirts for advertising.

This heat press can be used to apply transfers, letters, numbers and images onto all sorts of items including clothing, bags, mouse mats, puzzles, plates and just about anything with a flat surface. You can transfer onto cotton, fibre, metal, ceramic, glass and more to produce gifts, advertising or crafts to sell. 

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Features & Build Quality

The Super Deal Pro is a very lightweight and compact option, making it an ideal choice for the home or workplaces with limited room available. This heat press uses upgraded technology with features like built-in structural support to keep the machine flat. There is a full-range pressure adjustment knob to keep heating even during printing, creating designs that won’t budge, even after multiple washes. 

The Super Deal Pro Digital Swing Away Heat Press has a sturdy, steel welded framework, which is scratch resistant. The durable build means this machine will last you for years to come, even with repeated use. 

The unique swing-away feature means that you can rotate the upper plates through 360 degrees. This allows for more precision as you work, as you can swing the entire upper plate out of the way, which also helps you keep your body away from the heat distribution area. 

The intelligent temperature and timer control mean you can easily use the right temperature for the material that you are printing onto, giving you higher quality, more durable finishes to your designs.

An alarm will sound to let you know a job is finished, meaning there is no risk of overexposure damaging the final transfer. The heating element has a non-stick Teflon surface which prevents scorching of your transfers. 

The press arrives fully assembled so you can just plug in and go, making it an excellent option for beginners, especially as it is simple to use. The small size makes this ideal for fun craft projects and would be an ideal gift for someone who enjoys making custom items.

Make a puzzle using your holiday pictures, print their initials onto the children’s schoolbags, or make t-shirts for your next family vacation. There are lots of creative ways to use this machine. 



  • Compact and lightweight for home use
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Safe to use, thanks to the swing-away design, to keep the heat away from you
  • Sturdy, steel-welded framework for a long-lasting use
  • Full-range pressure adjustment for clear, long-lasting designs, no matter how intricate



  • Not ideal for adult shirts due to the small size. You can move the garment on the plate to print it, but this is time-consuming
  • Must be used with care as it gets very hot and could burn the surface it is sat on
  • Some users report issues with over-heating



As with many of the beginner heat presses (and similar to the FancierStudio Digital Press), this is a compact and lightweight press that is more suited for beginners than advanced users.

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